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SOP Packages

Call now for a free business screening and review of your year-end/accounting needs! Additional 10% discount, if booked by year-end

Book free compliance screening (Strategy-Chat) - 30 minute review of business status & needs.

  • Compliance Assessment - starting at $1,499! (Regularly $2,500+) (cannot be applied to Business Health Package)

  • Packages - 7-Days starting at $2,500! (Regularly $5,000+)

  • Maintenance Packages - as low as $200/month (Regularly $250+)

Year-End Accounting Wrap-Up//Make Ready for Tax Returns

Small Business - S-Corp, Partnerships, Schedule C filers $900 upfront; $250 monthly                     Package starting at $750 ​

  • Make-Ready of  2022 Financials

    • Review ALL transactions; Identify inconsistencies 

    • Reconcile bank & credit card accounts

    • Identify & record asset purchases

    • Record loan balances & interest expense, as necessary

    • Review and reconcile payroll recorded in QB with the IRS Forms 941s, 940 and TWC returns

    • Confirm IF financials align to prior year tax return; Write-up difference

    • Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss

  • Monthly service - (starting at) $200/monthly

    • Review all transactions; identify inconsistencies; up to 200/month

    • Review and record payroll journal transactions, as available

    • Reconcile bank & credit card accounts (2 bank; 2 credit card)

    • Identify & record asset purchases. Record loan balances & interest expense

    • Monthly Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

Required -  Timely and Easy Access to ALL information, systems and decision makers.

Presumptions and must-haves: 

QuickBooks-Online (QBO) system is current through December 31, 2021 - Bank and credit card transactions imported and posted.

‘View-only access’ to bank accounts is provided to review transactions back to 1/1/21.

Tax returns through 2020 have been filed 

Documents Required

All bank and credit card  statements. 

Loan/Note Payable statements provided for December or January. 

Payroll reports, as available and filed

Complete Tax returns, as filed with the IRS, for all years needing prior-year  financials 

Clean-up Packages

$599 Special - Reconcile & Make-Ready 2021 Financials 

  • Review ALL transactions; Identify inconsistencies (up to 500  transactions/annually)

  • Reconcile bank & credit card accounts (1 bank; 1 credit card)

  • Identify & record asset purchases

  • Record loan balances & interest expense, as necessary

  • Confirm IF financials align to prior year tax return; Write-up Difference

  • Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Year-End

$499 Special - Reconcile, Clean & Make-Ready 2020/Q3 2021 Financials 

  • In addition to the $299 Special

    • Record missing/incorrect transactions - limited to 50 transactions/month

    • Identify inadequate/incorrect processes. Write-up best-practice SOPs.

    • Previous account reconciliations may be slightly off

    • Prior year tax returns may still need to be prepared and filed 

      • Prepare tax data for prior year’s not filed. $499/year

    • ALL transactions can be entered in Excel and categorized 


$999 Special - Reconcile, Clean & Make-Ready 2021/Q3 2021 Financial

  • In addition to the $499 Special

    • OK if no or limited transactions have been posted (up to 200/month)

    • OK if nothing has been reconciled

    • OK if current data is in QuickBooks Desktop or other accounting software


Additional fees are probable for 

  • Mismanaged systems & processes

    • Recurring duplicate/triplicate sales and/or payments

    • Recurring credit card payments & transactions posted incorrectly

  • Identifying and writing up issues with financials that not aligned to prior year tax returns

  • Work required onsite


Special pricing offered as our way to support businesses and provide required financial data. In addition to the financial package specials; we are discounting other tools and programs 

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