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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

THE RESOURCE for the leaders of any organization!

How much do you really know about your company/your responsibility?

  • Are you current with your tax returns?

  • Do reported totals align with the accounting system, IRS and State?

  • Did you convert your contractors-pay to payroll correctly?

Is your company COMPLIANT with all government agencies?

Compliance is required for a healthy and truly profitable organization. Effective processes ensure compliance. An SOP Compliance Assessment could be one of the most valuable investments your company makes.

A Compliance Assessment (CA) highlights opportunities for improved efficiency, more stability and growth! The CA exposes significant potential-crisis. Should a crisis be discovered, we can help with that too!

Intrigued? Curious if your company can provide deliverables for due diligence? While extensive and would need to be customized based on your organization – structure and operations; are you comfortable your group could answer these questions/provide these documents?

  • Is your company current with all payroll, property and business taxes and required filings?

  • Do you have the executed forms and receipts, filed by year - IRS, Franchise, payroll and property? Do you know where to find these docs?

  • Are there folders for each of the categories?

  • Is there an SOP including who processes returns, when payments are actually processed, and where the docs are saved? No or not sure - it's OK; we will write it up as an area needing further review.

Do you receive frequent IRS, TWC or other agency correspondence? Suggests there are issues.

Are invoices for benefits monitored? Are you still paying for terminated employees?

Does the company collect and correctly file all required employee forms? Is there an employee list with emergency contact info?

Do you collect a fully executed W-9 from all of your vendors? Did you properly report all 1099s?

Do you know and use your formal title on all legal docs;-)

Do you know where the current logo is filed? Do you have access to your website?

Do you know the login, password, license number and subscription renewals for all software? Can you access your own accounting system?


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