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BUSINESS HEALTH ASSESSMENT - Assessing the health of your company

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Become a knowledgeable leader through the Business Health Assessment (BHA)

THE LIVE-RESOURCE for the leaders of any organization!

It's Critical to know the Pulse of the Company!

The BHA confirms your company's structure and operations are well-oiled and organized units; or, like most, has compliance issues in one or more areas. There's a comfort when your managing partner, GM, other key personnel and staff are able to honestly, accurately and openly complete the BHA survey; and, prove the critical docs, like the IRS SS-4 issued only once, the corporate minutes, fully executed signed MSAs, vendor contracts, employee files, and payroll/tax reports; are securely filed and easily retrieved. Ensuring access and SOPs are accurate is critical. There could be cause for concern, if not.

Identifying and organizing details, documents and SOPs instrumental to your infrastructure is paramount to ensuring your company is healthy and compliant. The BHA process can also highlight opportunities for improved efficiency; more stability and growth. Still, often the BHA exposes significant potential-crisis. Should a substantial crisis be discovered, a Critical Management Service program may need to be worked in tandem to performing a BHA.

Are you current with all of the payroll, property and business taxes and required filings? Are the fully executed forms and tax receipts filed by year as IRS, Franchise, payroll and property? Are there folders for each of the categories, then a series of reports per year? Is there an SOP that includes who processes the returns, when the payments are actually processed, and where the docs are saved? No or not sure - it's OK; we will write it up as an area needing further review.

Not able to prove returns, reports and tax payments have been processed? This is often indicative that you may not be in compliance. Worse. You may have a critical issue. Frequent IRS, TWC or other agency correspondence also, usually suggests there are issues with the process.

Are the invoices for insurance and 401k benefits reviewed timely to ensure premiums and matching contributions for terminated employees are not still being paid?

Do you have a current W-4 and I-9 for all of your employees? Are all health related documents about your employees filed separate from your general employee files; and kept secured (locked), per HIPAA guidelines? Are the I-9s in a separate file or binder and separated by current and former employees? Do you keep I-9s for terminated employees for 3 years? Is there an employee list with their cell phone and emergency contact info accessible on your cell phone?

Is the Employee Handbook up-to-date with clear verbiage for your Anti-harassment policies or not returning company assets when terminated? Have you figured out and written the Pandemic Absence policy? (Please share;-)

Do you, at least annually, give performance reviews? Do you offer constructive criticism? Do you really listen to your employees when they provide insight to the company?

Do you collect a fully executed W-9 from all of your vendors? Did you properly report all 1099s? Did you send your landlord a 1099? Did your accounting service that happens to be a partnership, also get a 1099:-)

Do you have a login and password to access ALL areas of your accounting system? Who's authorized to talk to the payroll processor? Is there an SOP for how to change ALL accesses if an employee goes rogue? Can you access and lock same employee out of email?

Do you know the login, password, license number and subscription renewals for all software installed on each computer? Do you have the right credentials to even login to all of your company's computers?

Is there an SOP for the current phone and internet provider including account numbers, logins, passwords attached to a log where all previous issues and resolutions have been noted? Do you know the router access code and how to change it?

Is there a master database or system for capturing details about all of your significant assets - purchased from, when, how much, serial numbers, warranty info - including warranty expiration? Can you easily access the original invoices for same assets?

Do you know where the current logo is filed? Do you have access to your website? Is it updated? Does the company have a Facebook, Twitter, etc.? Is your social media monitored? Have you read reviews about your company on GlassDoor and other services? What's your current D&B rating? Do you know your D&B number? Is there an SOP for monitoring your company's image?

Does your company culture support your mission statement? Do you have a mission statement? Is it printed and visible?

Do you know and use your formal title on all legal docs;-)

This was an exhaustive list of 'do you's; and 'you' is everyone reading this. While driven by the owner, managing partner, and/or GM; there are many areas intended to be owned and answered by the staff - from admin to janitorial.

This list was not intended to be an extensive insight to every area; but limited to 'food for thought'. The BHA is a comprehensive survey designed to capture the skinny in all areas!

It is a process and designed to assess the health of the whole organization.

Compiling the BHA requires a significant effort from every area and possibly from every employee; but offers a concise evaluation. The information gathered is intended to be your company's LIVE-RESOURCE System and includes direct links specific to the details and documents - Policies, Handbooks, SOPs, and a series of databases, available remotely. (Trust us - appreciated after the next hurricane hits.) To get and stay healthy, it must be reviewed and maintained regularly.

The LIVE-RESOURCE System is the deliverable of the Business Health Assessment service and should become the cornerstone for the company. While available as a stand alone program, it can also be performed in tandem with any of the SOP Business-Health Packages©.

The BHA and LRS are required components of all SOP Business-Health Packages©. When performed together with a health package; the focus shifts from perfecting the current status of the BHA/LRS and becomes a working document; delivered with the final write-up of the package.

Identified crisis-areas typically dictate the execution of the health package. Whether your company needs or opts to proceed with a health package; all services require a Day-1© event. The following suggested Day-1 schedule is intended when only the BHA Package is sought.


  • Day-1© is required for all services and packages.

  • Maximized value is delivered when requested documents are provided in advance.

  • The delivered LRS is only as comprehensive as the information and time secured.

  • The LRS is only monitored through the monthly Maintenance Program; and only if an SOP Business-Health Package is purchased.