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SOP.Solutions - Understanding Us!

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

We need a common understanding…

We are Business Managers -

STRATEGISTS/ Consultants.

We cover the C-Suite – all of them (sometimes simultaneously). We can be your CEO, COO, CFO, CIO & CXO.

We are generalists specialized in Company Administration/Contracts, Accounting, Banking, Funding, Payroll, PEOPLE, HR, Marketing, Operations, Facilities, Technology, and on, and on . . .

We assess potential crisis; seek to find or create opportunities ; and partner with actual solutions - SOP.Solutions!

We are accomplished communicators and coordinators of information.

We are trusted advisors to CPAs, lawyers, realtors, bankers . . . to whom we provide accurate and timely reports and information. (Presented information, details and totals are as accurate as those you provide.)

We make your CPA’s work easier with organized and trusted data and details.

When a CPA receives our work; they can be confident with the data.

We manage bookkeeping and data entry, we are not just “the” bookkeeper.

We have been, and can be, instrumental in finding and getting thieves prosecuted.

We are not CPAs, Lawyers, Realtors or Bankers- they are our partners!

We are specialists in compiling approved loan packages; we are no longer bankers.

We can coordinate the make-ready, find or sell a facility; we are not realtors.

We will review and highlight, in layman terms, legal docs; we are not lawyers.

We do require access to information and employees; AND honor confidentiality.

We are quite charitable Entrepreneurs and enjoy our time reinforcing entrepreneurship.

We begin every relationship with a unanimous commitment of Non-Disclosure!

We only work with parties engaged in honest and ethical behavior!

We are accomplished and want to work with promising and progressive companies; or, make yours one of them!

We sincerely look forward to WORKING WITH YOU!

Terri Blackwood & Rachel Biondo