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Meet Our Managing Partner

Rachel Ahmad Biondo

Founder of LendingHand.Biz

Native Houstonian
Happy Wife
Boy Mom to Adult Children
Pet Parent
Future Minimalist



Keeping entrepreneurs well-funded. An end goal beginning with a strategic ​plan that ​evolve​s​ as the project is funded​ then implemented.​​​

12 years in banking, 10 years in the service industry and an elite entrepreneurship degree led me to create Lending Hand. Since 2010 we have developed 100’s of business plans, assisted in funding hundreds of millions of dollars and implemented various strategies for a variety of organizations. A big part of being well- funded are accurate financials and being compliant. 

In 2018 accurate financials we could “take to the bank” led me to forming our team at SOP.Solutions. We are generalists that specialize in compliance and back office administration- we are our client's C-Suite. We assess potential crises; seek to find or create opportunities; and partner with actual solutions - SOP.Solutions! Read more about SOP.Solutions here  

When I am not managing our clients I'm managing my family. I'm a fan of nature and also enjoy being inside. I dislike being cold and spend at least 2 hours a week in the sauna. Someday I hope to have a sauna big enough to hold staff meetings. So far I am the only one that wants to do this. A girl can dream...

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