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Terri Blackwood

Founding Partner


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Terri Blackwood is a founding partner of SOP.Solutions. Developing and leading the SOP Compliance Assessment, Terri has been instrumental ensuring SOP’s processes ensure clients are compliant through due diligence, often before, during and after a sale.

As President of Blackwood Solutions since 1984, Terri has covered as a C-Suite Specialist for many organizations. Her many years of reviewing financials, accounting system cleanups, infrastructure-reorganization and enterprise-understanding allow her to quickly identify issues that inspire solid SOLUTIONS. Resolving crises, especially fraud, designing & implementing ERP systems and ensuring company-wide compliance is her favorite gig.

Terri’s experience includes a Bachelor’s in Business Management and years of accounting, administration, contract management, insurance review & auditing, HR & staffing, marketing, facilities. She has opened and closed offices; managed leases, subleases and leasehold improvements; and facilitated purchasing and sales of businesses and real estate. Works remotely and travels well.

After moving 27 times, Terri has permanently settled in Baytown with a view of the Houston Ship Channel bridge. She is most proud of her FABULOUS twins – Travis & Trevor, their girls Emma & Paige and the granddogs Duke, Riley & Murphy. 

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